We assess subject management systems to verify if it meets the requirements of a particular standard or set of requirements and criteria. Our reports provide result of extensive review, assesment, evaluation and measurements and provide you knowledge how the system comply with the requirements. With our audits you can also have the opportunity to know if the system is efficient to achieve your objectives and targets, improvement opportunities and outputs of risk assesment evaluation for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Management Systems. We create the difference with our international expertising, knowledge and experiences in auditing and industries.

We have years of knowledge and experiences to audit internationally at very large scope of industries and able to provide you reports which you can use as an improvement tool for your needs of improvement, reputation, risk evaluation of your management, customer relations, sale and marketing, design, subcontractor and production processes.

We may list the audits and assesments as: Second Party audits, Third Party audits, compliance audits, capacity and readiness control audits, internal audits,production line and production process audits, QC witness audits including related controls and approvals.

Our services of audit and reporting include for below audits.


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